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Our Excess Might Just Be What You’re Searching For!
Manufacturing hand held terminals and computers for more than twenty years has left us with quite a bit of great inventory that is unusable by 2T, but may just suit your new design or project.  Over the years we have manufactured dozens of custom products that may now be out of date, obsolete or simply excess. Instead of tossing perfectly good inventory, we are taking a green approach.  Reduce, reuse and recycle.

All Sales are Final!
Cables, displays, components, housings and connectors . . . purchase one or what ever volume is available and suits your needs. Our objective is to make these items affordable and get them out of our warehouse and into service!  Please remember there are no returns or exchanges and all purchases are final.  Read our return policy here.

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Carlson 600+, Explorer and Explorer II Power Supply
Cost: $39.00
Carlson 600+, Explorer and Explorer II Power Supply
Carlson Power Supply for 600+, Explorer, and Explorer II
Protective Belt Sac
Cost: $10.00
Protective Belt Sac
Handy belt sac keeps you hands-free in the field.